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(OOC) Doc, al-Quaeda is an extremist Muslim terror organisation, and one of the things not allowed in Islam is drinking alcohol.(OOC)

Tau walked down a busy street in the Paris. He was supposed to assassinate a lead member of the French mob, Pierre Laroche. After a few weeks of following him, Tau found out that he was an avid fencer and sword collector, as well as a fan of ballet and opera. Right now He was watching some musical about a pirate... or was it a swordsman? It was something about a guy who kills someone.

"Prend un droit sur cette rue la, et arrete, okay?" Wilhelm's voice crackled in Tau's ear.
"Could you speak english please? Your french gives me a headache," replied Tau.
"But it does the aiding of l'air, oui? I pense that we should keep this up, because we sommes not the fools," was the reply, in a flawless french accent.
"Whatever. Where do I go from here?" Tau asked, standing by a brick wall in a dark alleyway.
"Jump over it to get into the parking lot for the theatre, plant the bomb on his car and back up on the wall. Notre ami will get one of his minions to start the car. While he's standing away from it, shoot him. A smoking car and a corpse a few metres away from it should confuse the gens d'armes enough to get away unnoticed."

A few hours later the play ended and Laroche was standing against a wall, smoking and talking to a friend. Tau took aim, and just as the key turned in the ignition, he pulled the trigger. The round pierced the target's skull and the bang was covered by the sound of the car exploding.

Tau jumped down from the wall as a black van, with the front door open, stopped in front if the alley. Tau ran and jumped into the vehicle and closed the door.

"Good to see you, Stan," said Wilhelm, taking the fastest way out of the city, going to a hidden airstrip.

"How'd I do?" Tau asked.

"I'll tell you when we get back to base."

Let's kill ourselves.
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