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"Congratulations," 'Kayla' told the Italian commander in French, lifting a tiny storage device into view. "You've just bought yourself an arrest."

The door slid open and another man stepped in. "Congratulations, American," he said in English. "You've just bought yourself and your friend some bullets."

The Italian's eyes widened as the newcomer fired and a bullet lodged itself in his stomach.

"I hear stomach wounds are rather painful," he remarked, turning to the desk. For a moment, he seemed surprised as he'd expected to see the American woman standing behind it. Then, he grinned. "My bullets can penetrate the wood of that desk, Inspector."

Without warning, the commander's computer came flying over the desk. Sufficiently distracted, the intruder fired a shot at it, giving Phi the chance to shoot him from the side of the desk.

"I'm known for my intelligence," she informed the dying man. "And now you know it too."

"You..." the Italian commander gasped. "I... I'm not going to make this."

Phi nodded. "I can see that. And it's to be a very painful death for you, it seems. For what it's worth, I am sorry."

"Just make sure these people are taken down too," he begged.

"Who are they?" Mya asked. "What is it you all are doing here?"

"Experiments with genetics," the Italian answered. "If you got all my files, you got everything."

"That's why we targeted you," Mya told him. "Don't worry. Today's their last day."

"Then get out of here," he ordered. "Go, go!"

Mya slipped out of the room to find herself surrounded by angry looking guards with guns.

"Oh, happy moment," she muttered. Then, she swore... in five different languages.

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