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“You want a smoke?” the man leaning on the wall across from Omega asked.

“No thank you. I don’t smoke.” Omega replied, twirling his combat knife in his hands. It was now midnight and he was wearing his black cloak. Then Omega asked “Is your associate going to be here soon? It’d be unfortunate if you had to take his place.”

The man froze for a moment, and then replied “He’ll be here.” They were in the capital city of Morocco, Rabat. After an hour or so, the man began to look nervous.

They heard foot steps walking down the ally towards them and looked to find another man walking to them. When he arrived, he asked “Do you have the agent?”

“Yes.” Omega replied pulling out a vile of green liquid.

“And, if it was not so much trouble, did you happen to eliminate the ones carrying it?”

“I may have.”

“Good. Now if you could hand m-” the man started, but was cut off as Omega threw the knife at his neck, effectively severing his spine in the throw and he landed with a thud. The other man leaned over the now dead one and said “Sorry old pal, but it was either you or me.”

“Actually, it was both of you.” Omega said grabbing his neck with one hand and lifting him up in the air. The man started panicking and was about to pull out his own weapon when Omega broke his neck. Omega dropped him on the ground and search the other mans corpse. Then he found his main objective: A data chip with information on the chemical and possibly the location of where it was being produced and tested. Why the hell would he carry something like that along with him, Omega would never know. He hid the bodies and put his knife in its sheath.

He put the chip in his pack and walked out of the ally, only to be surrounded by six of the body guards that the second man had brought, armed with AK-47’s. Sh*t, Omega thought. They would be an annoyance.

One of the men raised his weapons to fire, only for Omega to throw his knife and impale his throat. Omega darted foreword into the darkness of the night as the other men raised their guns and fired. They couldn’t hit Omega as they could not see him. Then a three round burst came from the darkness and connected with one of the guards head. The guards dropped in rapid succession as the bursts that followed hit them in the heads also. The only problem was as they went down; they fired wildly in the air. That didn’t affect Omega physically, but it would attract authorities.

He got his knife and left the scene, heading for his temporary HQ. After returning their, he packed up all of his equipment, mainly weapons, and headed for a private airstrip out in the desert. It was time to return to the real HQ.
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