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Originally Posted by stoffe -mkb-
You may want to make sure you don't level up too quickly, or the game may become too difficult, since pretty much all hostile characters and most of their equipment scale in level with your character. If you keep up with your primary offensive skills you may still be able to hold your own in battle, the main problem will become quests where you rely on other NPCs, since some friendly NPCs won't level scale for some reason and will quickly become butchered in combat if you are too high level when doing those quests.
What class skills would you suggest then to keep the levelling more controlled?

I'm shooting for a Mage type so I will be using whatever spells I have, I also want to be able to use a blade and bow.

As I am running and jumping everywhere (No horse) and my Athletics and Acrobatics skills are going up quite fast, I should likely drop those to non-class skills.

Originally Posted by stoffe -mkb-
(And unless you use some mod that fixes the insane leveled item assignments you'll start running into common bandits, highwaymen and marauders in full deadric armor wearing daedric weapons when you reach level 20 or so, regardless of what you have yourself. I'm using one I'm making myself tweaked to my liking, but this one is pretty decent as well, I used it earlier.)

It may be a matter of taste, but I found the game more fun when not rushing past the lower levels too quickly.
I downloaded a mod to fix that item issue, but the one you linked to looks more in-depth.

Originally Posted by stoffe -mkb-
The Necromancer in question scales with your level, so he'll always be the same level as you no matter when you confront him.

But if you don't feel like braving the depths of Vilverin, and you have the house mod I made installed, I believe the majordomo (Miranda) will sell a pair of those pants as well, if I remember correctly.
Good to know.

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