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Holowan No Porting Rule Questions?

Split from this thread here in Holowan Labs... -RH

Originally Posted by RedHawke
If you take any resources directly from another game this is what constitutes porting. This means from any other game not just between the 2 KotOR games. Replicating other things by making the assets yourself is allowed. You are confusing things created from scratch with things taken from other games.

Porting isn't allowed here for obvious legal reasons. Sorry but this is the way it is.
I am not the slightest bit confused by what porting is.

As for obvious, lets take a look and see just how obvious it really is... Shall we?

Porting is not illegal in and of itself, to clear up porting for the confused, porting is short for import/export,.

Doing one or the other or both, is often called porting...

I can make a picture in mspaint and export the .bmp file, thats not illegal, so porting itself, is not illegal, we do this all the time, so when does porting become illegal,,..

It becomes llegal when copyrights come into play,.

So what is a copyright? It usually refers to the tranferance of the intellectual property of an author to another medium without said authors permission..

So whether you copied it or created it, the object is still under copyright... Thus not legal, unless you have the authors permission to have done so..

So as you can see, you are turning a blind eye to what makes porting truly illegal, copyrights.

So any mods containing copyrighted material, whether its homemade or not, is still under copyright, meaning its illegal to reproduce in whole or part...

That is why I am confused, why is such a hard stance taken against the harmless act of porting, yet the actual criminal act which makes porting illegal, copyright infringement is fine..

It is certainly not because I fail to to understand the what porting is... Quite the contrary....

Let me put it another way, I notice a lot of mod authors, add little copyright sections to their mods, I can't remember if you do or not Redhawke, but lets say you do for the sake of the following example...

So keep that in mind, you don't want anyone using your mod without permission, you have copyrighted it so to speak...

If I were to release the HouseOfAmon's Exile Item Pack, and all the items looked just like yours, and I used all the same items, same everything, but I created it all myself, didn't copy your work, just reproduced it, and put my name on it...

Would you find it acceptable?

Of course you wouldnt? Because you copyrighted your work, and I blatantly ripped you off, whether I just copied your work, or reproduced it would be of no concern to you..

The fact I stole your intellectual property on the other hand would have been, and thus becomes copyright infringment...

Anyways, I hope that clears up my view of the current situation, I feel we have already crossed the line into illegal, so giving users wanting to port something into kotor 1, from kotor 2(or vice versa) a hard time, is just plain hypocritical IMO...

Though I feel no need to argue, nor have I been, just stating why I look at such a rule with utter confusion, as it soars miles above and away from the law it was supposed to protect/enforce...

Well, I don't care to go on about this any longer than I already have, so take it as you will, but I hope at least now you see why I will never truly stand behind that rule, but I will listen to you out of respect, for you and the site, and the other mods as well... So consider it dropped...


The way I see it, is you can port the whole game so long as the end user of the mod supplies the copyrighted material, what does it matter if I play kotor 1, in the kotor 2 engine, or if I play it in its original engine,. As long as I own both, it shouldnt..

This could easily be done by slightly modifying the TSL patcher to use mdlops.. Just require the user to paste the contents of their kotor 1 directory into the tslpatchdata folder, and it can do all the modifying automatically...

PS: Sorry bout writing a short novel on the topic.. hehe.. But I felt I needed to fully explain my point of view, so there would be no confusion on the matter....

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