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Yah, I finally tired of playing the levelling game.. it became such a hassle. I decided I'd try one of the levelling system (auto-level) mods out there and this one has really won me over.

Kobu's Character Advancement System:

Using the "Nexus" path, and the Jack-of-all-trades Slower Skill rate x2-x3 .esp this makes my character exactly how I wanted them to be the first time I ran through Oblivion. No need to worry over levelling endurance early (glitch in game where if you don't level early, you're actually penalized later on).. no need to worry if I've done this or that to get those multipliers.. etc...your abilities are levelled appropriately by skills you use (you can use preset paths or customize them to your tastes).

Plus it allows you to change anything at any time.. birthsigns, race, class etc. Options for levels and abilities from 1 to 255 if you want... (fun..hehehe).. blah blah blah.. it's a really good mod to sum it up

It's just so much more "relaxing" to play now, well.. as relaxing as it can get when plunking 20 arrows in to a damn boar because I forgot I had difficulty maxed out to test something..

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