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When it comes to KotOR I & II, there are hundreds of similar textures and models that both games utilize. In some cases, KotOR II just shut them off.

If you look at KotOR II's Appearance.2da file, you will find cells for Mission, Juhani, Jolee, and many others from KotOR I. All they did is shut them off, and not add the models and textures into the game. As you continue to read the Appearance.2da file, you will notice Obsidian used the same file designations and just added newer characters. While reading through the scripts (.nss & ,ncs), several of the scripts in KotOR II say: Copywrite BioWare, and they can be identified as a KotOR I file.

Behind the scenes they are the same game, but Obsidian justed added to what was allready there.

KotOR II could be considered a Obsidian, Lucas Arts, and BioWare game, which carries KotOR I's files.

KotOR I & II are so similar at the core, and there really is no black and white areas. I cannot see how implanting a KotOR I file into KotOR II would be illeagal. Since several of BioWare's copywrite information is all over KotOR II, this wouldn't really be porting. You would just be activating non-used scripts and designations.

Bastila, Carth, and Malek are the models from KotOR I. Korriban is the original map found in KotOR I with changes. Most of KotOR II's Dantooine is from KotOR I.

In reality, KotOR II could have been a Large Expansion Pack.

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