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Originally Posted by Valter
we've never seen a none sith/Jedi character weilding a lightsaber.
Well, except Han Solo, and Luke before he was trained.

There's no reason to assume a non-Jedi couldn't handle a lightsaber in battle, but without the force to allow them to move quickly/see the future to be able to block blaster shots accurately with it and that sort of thing, you'd think more conventional weapons would be more useful (blasters and such).

So the limited nature of the lightsaber as a weapon is made up for by their skill with the force (the usefullness of the lightsaber would be more limited as a weapon in the hands of a non-force user, such as Grievous).

In fact, it's a wonder that Jedi don't carry blasters or other weapons, since they would be more proficient with them than non-Jedi in theory, and there are situations in which they would be useful to the Jedi. Presumably they don't use blasters simply out of tradition and personal taste (Obi-Wan's apparent dislike of blasters as "uncivilized").

Perhaps non-Jedi are forbidden to carry lightsabers by Republican law or something. Or they are simply less practical for non-Jedi to use in battle.

I mean sure, lightsabers have other uses (like as a cutting torch or a makeshift lantern), but it seems the Jedi use them in a ceremonial way (a symbol of their order or tradition or whatever, but so do the Sith) and a kind of snobbery prevents them from using other weapons. They use their traditional weapon and their great skills make up for the deficiencies it would have compared to ranged weapons.

For killing, there are far better weapons in the Star Wars universe, and even for peacekeeping there are better tools (better to stun somebody with the stun setting on a blaster than to cut off their hand, right?).

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