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*Sir-vin looks outwards to the right, then towards the shadow, and then follows K'warra.

... a moment later what remained of Sir-vin's shadow leaps into the shadow-murk.*



*Inside a black void bestow a single pillar of light, contained within was a life-like replica of Sir-Vin afloat in the air. This replica was exactly like in every detail that he is currently, with the exception of thereof lacking of clothes.

In the darkness just outside the light were men, one standing and the other sitting backwards on a wooden chair, facing Sir-vin.*

Standing man *elderly sounding* "I still don't see your logic in bringing someone like that into this. This could have lasting reprocussions on the conscienceness."

Sitting man *young and bitter* "I still don't see your logic in which you want to keep complaining on 'what's the better for the conscienceness'. Like he could hurt anything. We've made enough changes already."

Standing man "He's got your hair."

Sitting man "He's got my father's hair."

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