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If you got so annoyed with fighting that you didn't WANT to fight, then you SAY SOMETHING, rather than break a rule because you want to 'win', and then make excuses. If you don't want to fill RPG space, which you clearly have to problem with, then you can use the magical thing called private messages.

This RPG isn't a place for a pityfest. So I'm not going to respond to your other stuff, except to say that if you don't want to think of explanations for things, then don't use them.

Next time, explain what *should* happen, rather than godmoding and having it happen to things that aren't yours (like Kioet and the Vanguard suit.) Example: "((OOS: Mechanical stuff doesn't work here, so Kioet's comm and suit shouldn't work.))"

You've been in this RPG a very long time. I don't know why this is an issue.

Now the Vanguard suit is controlled by will. You probably don't know this because you probably don't read RPG posts that don't directly involve you, but the user's mind must synchronize with the suit's systems (which are magic based) to get them to work properly. Kioet has an almost perfect sync ratio because of his Sleeper powers and slight medical treatments. Otherwise, a Vanguard suit operator must be mentally altered to an extreme form or grown from scratch to sync with the suit to full extent. The reason is that the Vanguard suit systems are inherently magic; since the systems were designed to kill beings with magic by imitating their powers. (Blades.)

So Kioet's suit would still function, along with the base systems, but none of the weapons except the magic ones would. (Should mention again that the teleporter isn't magic. Refer to the C13 discussion thread page 3.)

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