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Originally Posted by Darth333
That's one case but I will give you another one: the Morrowind/Oblivion mods. Even if the same company made both games (Bethesda) and even if they have released modding tools, they stricly forbid porting any assets from one game to another.

I'm not going to discuss the legal aspects of this on the boards for professional reasons but in any event, what other companies do and whether or not people got into legal trouble for this in the past doesn't matter here. Our forum rules are clear: we do not accept mods containing ported assets and we do not tolerate discussions about how to port assets from one game to another. This rule is there to stay and we will make no exceptions.
Thats fine, don't change your stance, but see that this doesnt fall into that category,..

I have never asked you to change your rules, only accept that this falls outside of them, its not a matter of how to accomplish this we all know how to do that, so what discussion of how?, and the mod would not contain any assets whatsoever, so there would be no assets being transferred, so as you see, this does not fall into that category..

It does however fall into the category of modding.. Which is what I thought we did here...

As for morrowind, I modded for that game almost since it was released, I know all about morrowind modding, and quite frankly your response doesnt make sense, morrowind, and both expansions carried over data from one to the next, meaning it was all accessible anyways, so you didnt need to transfer assets as they were already present,..

So long as you owned the games of course...

And yes, you were allowed to use any data or script from morrowind to make mods for the expansions and vice versa..

You only had to own each of the games to be able to use mods that did so... Or else you couldnt load the .esp file because you didnt have the required .esm... ie, morrowind.esm, tribunal.esm, bloodmoon.esm....

Note Notice the statement "own all of the games", that is key difference we are debating, they allowed you to use data across the games, if you owned them all..

If not they were simply unusable, because the required data was missing...

So I hope this isnt what you were talking about, if so you know nothing of which you speak.. Because that was very clearly allowed, tolerated, and accepted...

If you meant between morrowind, and oblivion, then I can show you about 20 mods that use morrowind data in oblivion,....From icons, and meters, to items, and weapons,..

I even seen a mod that places the town of caldera in oblvion.. The person obviously ported that directly from morrowind, then updated the textures... It was too precise to be hand made, it was identical. There is a tool for doing this btw..

There is even a mod that is supposed to bring morrowind, tribunal, and bloodmoon into oblvion.. I doubt they will ever finish it, but they were supposed to be doing it....

So despite your claim that they supposedly strictly forbid doing it, you can go to their forums right now, and see mods that do it.. And they do monitor the forums, so they know whats going on...

So neither of those defenses have a leg a to stand on... As for it being against the rules, I think I explained quite clearly that it falls outside of that rule..

Then look at Grand Theft Auto, there is a mod that allows you to go to all three games, from San Andreas, to liberty city, and vice city,.. This mod is in the works too,, It jsut requires you own all three games..

Are you seeing the pattern yet.. This is totally acceptable everywhere else, with every other game, and you guys just wont admit it..

I could go on, and on showing cases of games being merged in this way.. And not once has there been a problem with doing so, because its not illegal if you own the games being merged... :P

Nor is the discussion of doing so for your information, tell me, if we did discuss this, what would happen, someone reads it who doesnt own one of the games then, they go gee, I wish I could merge these 2 games, but I only own one, so I dont have the required files to do so, so I cant. duh.. I mean fu*k... Come on ppl, I know you are smarter than this..

A two year old could figure this out.. Gee, I want to make chocolate milk, but I only own milk... Hmm, I guess i need to by some chocolate syrup/powder so I can merge them into chocolate milk...

Which is a simple way of seeing this situation, I mean do you honestly think the Nestle is going to sue you for mixing their copyrighted chocolate syrup with milk.. No, they are not, you bought it, its yours, squirt it on your toes and suck it off for all they care..

I gotta go, this is making me angry...


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