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I guess, but according to those games eulas, its not allowed either, but you know what, some modders said fu*k it, and did it anyway, and no one said a word about it...

Plus I don't remeber george showing up and saying hey, don't merge my games now... You heard me ppl, dont..

I dont remember that meeting, I must have been absent that day...

Its just a part of the standard eula some lawyers typed up, morrowind the most modding friendly game there is has the same eula,. if look, it says right in it you cannot modify the game.. lol.. And it comes with a construction set so you can.... haha..

So its like I said, no files are being transferred, discussion of such is of no consequence, as we all mod the games, so cross modding discussion is irrelevant to someone who doesnt have both the games anyways, if you dont own it you obviously cant mod it...

So us discussing it really clearly doesnt matter..

But whatever, do it, or don't, go ahead bow down to some standard eula licensing agreement, rather than the common fact that those mean squat, unless the company is just being stupid about it..

I mean honestly, what do they care, they already made their money..

So you decide, Im sick of arguing common sense, they don't care, I don't care, if they do, woo, a cease and decist letter, ok, I'll cease... Oh, and good job being pricks to your customers btw, but I'll stop....(purchasing your games that is) what, oh I didnt say anything..

Seriously, I am done though, whatever dont make the mod, I assure you they don't care.. And if they do care, they will let you know quick fast and in a hurry.. It's just a letter that says stop..


Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
...and breaking the rules can result in the shutting down of LF and legal action against you.
Tell em to ****ing bring it on, I own both games, I will straight ****ing embarrass them in court... I will be suing them by the end of that day.. I assure you..

And they can't shutdown a lucasarts sponsored mod forum, because you modded.. sorry.. they cant, thats the forums purpose..

But whatever..

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