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Originally Posted by Bar'tuc
When I try to open K.S.E. I keep getting this message:
"attempted to read past end of end of dialog.tlk (tried to read string 124483 but dialog.tlk has 49265 entries) Kotor1 spells.2da
Have you had any mods installed before when last saving that savegame that you don't have any more? That kind of error could occur if the savegame contains items, characters etc that refers to dialog.tlk entries added by mods that are no longer present.

It could also mean that you are somehow attempting to open a KotOR:TSL savegame using the KotOR1 game data (which seems more likely in this case, seeing the high StrRef value that is more than twice as high as the highest StrRef in KotOR1.)

Whatever the cause, the savegame you are trying to open contains references to game data that KSE can't locate to load.

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