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So this internet thing.

I've heard many great things about the Internet, thinking of getting one myself, sounds like a good deal, may even make myself one of those inter-web pages!

Okay, so, I've just started a new job and just moved into a new apartment and I want to get the internet installed. So my questions to all UK based forumites (although chime in wherever you're from just to hear about your ISP experiences), which do you think would be the best provider and why? Also who are you with and are you happy with the service?

I'm basically looking for something fairly priced (I'm thinking cheap, but I could go higher for better service or connection) which has a fairly high usage allowance (although unlimited would be preferable, I don't think 2 Gig's is enough), with a connection of anything including and above 2Mb (although 8 sounds nice, but I can live very easily with 2... maybe even 1).

Now, I'm not getting you to do all the work, I am looking myself, but with my internet access limited at the moment to at work when I should be... you know, working, I could sure use your help.

Thanking you in advanced (because I'm cockey that way), Your Friendly Neighbourhood Moderator.

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