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Originally Posted by JediMaster12
Yeah there's the 'rand' from Atton's name and the Jaq I took from other pieces I have read that claim that Atton's name before he was Atton was Jaq, so it's like a haunting from the past so to speak.
Jaqrand isn't actually his real name but he knows Atton and I was thinking of having them meet at some point.

Draconis I was thinking in terms of Avalonian names. They tend to be unique, like elvish names but also a hint of the Orient and it's because in Chinese mythology, dragons were thought to be powerful and could control the elements. Draconis is calculating, he controls the outcome. He likes a game where he makes the rules and only he knows them. In fact he is a lot better than his descendant Dragus from Broken Wounds. See the connection?
I think the "Unique Names" sound similar to Lord of the Rings. Good Chapter as always.
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