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The fleets composed of hundreds of ships, maybe even thousands, jumped out of hyperspace. They approached swiftly the many planets that the Sith Lord had chosen to be conquered first. Fighters, Bombers, Transports and Dropships were launched from the thousands of hangars, launching the Third Sith Wars. The soldiers, clad in red and black uniforms with helmets in the colours of their ranks, poured out of the dropships with weapons unique to the Sith Dominion and exotic to the rest of the galaxy. Aided by small-scale bombardments, artillery and battle droids aimed at military targets of every kind they could find while civilian targets were merely secured by groups of two or three squads with weapons on stun.

The Sith Lord gave a laught as he reached out to his Dark Jedi generals who gave how well the conquests were going. However, as the reports were sent to the Republic HQ on Coruscant, no report was sent from Ossus regarding an attack. Tepe indeed was a man of his word and he wouldn't attack Ossus. He only wanted the Sith Space claimed by him before and even if he would start a conquest, all the jedi temples and academies would be safe as long as he was on the throne

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