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First of all, concerning TES, I was not talking about the expansions but porting assets from Morrowind to Oblivion. Btw, here are their forum rules concerning porting and they are pretty clear: (And get your facts straight: the Caldera mod uses assets from Oblivion, it is not a simple retexture.)

Originally Posted by HouseOfAmon
Tell em to ****ing bring it on, I own both games, I will straight ****ing embarrass them in court... I will be suing them by the end of that day.. I assure you..
I see that you've not been to court many times...

These forums will not change their rules for you and the fact that you own both games is irrelevant. If you're not happy with this and want to talk about porting assets from a game to another, then do it somewhere else. These forums are owned by a private corporation and if we want to ban discussions about porting, carrot tops or whatever, we can do it. Period.

This thread has outlived its usefulness (if it had any to begin with).

So as to not to bump a closed thread I'll post this here, HouseOfAmon you do not 'own' the games you simply have purchased a licence to use the software.

Your legal knowledge is astounding HouseOfAmon...

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