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Stripped of her weapons, Mya Lucas was being led down a long corridor, guards on all sides. Despite the seemingly bad situation, Mya seemed to be trying to initiate a conversation.

"Nice place you got here," she said. "Though your security could use some work, seeing how far I got before you even suspected something was wrong. I really shook things up, didn't I?"

"Whoa, whoa..." Sara's voice came through her ear. "You really want me to do that?"

"Took your best shot and you got me," Mya said. "But it ain't the speed you should've done. A minus for you."

Seated in a Jeep several miles from the building Mya had infiltrated, Sara grunted and muttered, "I am so going to regret this."

She flipped two switches and pressed a button. Then, she typed a command into a computer and hit enter. Seconds later, the building shook and the guards stumbled. Mya took the advantage given to her and launched into a fight. Less than a second after the shaking stopped, Mya had a weapon. Ten seconds later, two guards were unconscious, three were dead, and two more were dying.

"Hate to break up that little parade," Mya said, "but I've got an escape to make."

She took off running. Five minutes later, she stole a motorcycle and sped away, two bikes in pursuit.

"I got two bikes chasing," Mya informed Sara. "Blow the building and get ready to run."

In the Jeep, Sara typed another command into the computer... and frowned when nothing happened. "The building didn't explode, did it?"

"Uh, no?" Mya answered. "That mean I have to go back?"

Then, the ground shook and Sara shook her head. "I guess not. Get back here."

"Can I keep the toy?" Mya asked. Sara laughed.

"If you want to, I'm getting the Jeep out of here," she said. "After I scare off some bikers, that is."

She started the Jeep and drove in the direction Mya had gone. Less than a minute later, she saw one bike trailed by two others. "Swerve around me, Mya. I'm gonna scare them off."

"As if I needed instructions," Mya quipped. Her bike veered away to the left of the road while the two bikers kept moving forward. Mya zipped past Sara and then, Sara spun the Jeep, nearly tipping it in the process of making herself a roadblock. Startled, the two bikers split, running off to either side of the road and crashing.

"We're clear," Sara said. "I'm gonna chase you down now."

She turned the Jeep and sped off down the road after Mya.


They reached an old airport in the middle of nowhere about two hours later. The plane was large enough to fit the Jeep and Mya's new toy, so they took it along. The larger plane had been sent to collect them because Mya was known within the Organization for picking up some 'cool toys'. The plane was the only one of its size owned by the Organization and all six pilots knew Mya.

"Nice toy," the current pilot remarked. Mya grinned.

"If I like it, it's gotta be good," she joked. "We headin' home now, right?"

"That's where I've been told to take you," the pilot confirmed.

Four hours later, Mya stood behind Sara in Sara's office as Sara looked through the information they'd taken from the Italian commander.

"Let me know when you've got something interesting," Mya said.

"Isn't it all?" Sara asked. "Genetic modifications? These people were either insane or brilliant."

"Or both," Mya answered. "And that's the more frightening thought. I'm gonna go clean up."

With that, she left Sara's office.

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