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"Hey, Rox." Aedan said as he scared her in the Suburban she insited on taking. "You got a plane ready?" Aedan asked, leaning over the door.

"Yeah, we should get there in 20 minutes from here." Roxy said, giving a nod to Aedan.

"Bloody good." Aedan said, giving a mild laugh. "Lemme do something first."

He walked over ot his "Rent-A-Car" and stuck a 3x3 block of C-12 on the engine mount, then put another one in the trunk. He put the electric detonators on them, and got in the Suburban. "Let's go." He told Roxy, pulling the detonator out.

He pushed the button a few seconds later, and turned around to see a crater lying where the car once was, and debris still falling.

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