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Originally Posted by milojmiles
Venom! I swear, you used to be here every day, and now I hardly ever see you.

And digimon? Dude. Pokemon is where it's at.
rofl- thanks milo, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to notice that someone realised...
it's because i have a job now, and am working myself towards a move to america ive been doing full time 9-5 for god knows how many weeks, and when i get home i just crash out on xbox live on i've sort of drifted away from the forums abit, but when i get back to 6 form i'll be hopping abck on during every IT lesson

and screw pokémon, that lost the plot after it moved onto the whole johto gold/silver thing. whereas digimon never had a plot, therefore making it much easier to follow

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