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After arriving back to the HQ and delivering the items he had obtained to the lab, Unit-001 went to his quarters to get himself and his weapons cleaned up. After that, he went to one the shooting galleries. This one was relatively empty, which was the way Unit-001 liked it.

This one was always abandoned anyway, due to the fact that this one was more isolated from the facility and one had to walk more than they would if they chose another range. Unit-001 normally always stayed here anyways when he was in the base because of the peace and quiet.

That and he would be free of everyone else’s irrelevant conversations. The genetic modifications and enhancements made his hearing very sensitive, making their conversations from afar sound as clear as day to him. Suffice to say, Unit-001 did not want to hear everyone’s conversations. So he spent most of his time there, either shooting or doing something else such as reading and cleaning his weapons. Nobody ever bothered him unless there was a mission or something else of that importance for him to do.

There was also a training room next to his area, so that compensated for staying active. The only thing that required him to leave was when he had to get something to eat. He would just get his food and come back to the firing range.

He was now seeing how fast and accurately he could take out his targets with his BR55 ‘Battle Rifle’. He also had the dummies with weapons equipped firing at him. They were set on super sensitive.

Unit-001 ran from his cover to the next, the dummies trying to lead him like they would a quail, but Unit-001 was too fast for that. He fired two bursts before he reached the cover and took out two of the dummies. Five dummies down, another five to go.
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