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Originally Posted by Joshi
Right, but knowing about something like that doesn't come close to the humiliation of someone revealing what it is to the world... so why don't you just do that... if you even know what it is and didn't just make it up.
But if that were truely the most humiliating action for me to take, you would have never suggested it! However, since you did suggest this course of action, you just want to remove your head out the noose I've prepared (so to speak)! Ha, gotcha!

Originally Posted by Joshi
Although for the record, I actually do have no idea what you're on about... unless this really is about the fact that I use Photoshop and you think the Gimp is better... which would be just a little weird.
Oh, little Joshi tries to set up a distraction! Noted as futile...

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
although there's no way I would ever want to have more bodily contact with you than with my trusted fists
The sweat-talk from last night sounded a bit differently...

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