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Originally Posted by DrMcCoy
But if that were truely the most humiliating action for me to take, you would have never suggested it! However, since you did suggest this course of action, you just want to remove your head out the noose I've prepared (so to speak)! Ha, gotcha!

Oh, little Joshi tries to set up a distraction! Noted as futile...
So it's not that then, okay then, in that case I have no idea.

Now since curiosity is a greater force than fear of abject humiliation (for curiosity can kill cats, and possibly other small things) I'd say I would suggest it, no matter how humiliating.

Either way, the public doesn't know so for now, my humiliation lies in limbo.

Originally Posted by DrMcCoy
The sweat-talk from last night sounded a bit differently...
Pillow talk is done through sweat now? Learn something new every day.

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