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The Sith Lord contacted suddenly his apprentice. He smirked and looked at him.
"Disguise yourself and leave to Coruscant. I have some assassinations for you to do there. Leave on one of the stolen freighters and take some cargo with you. Take one of your most trusted men with you as a co-pilot and an experienced dark jedi. I have an ysalamir for you to cover your force trail without loss of energy. I will give you your first target when you arrive" he said and closed the comm immdeiately as he didn't want to hear a word back from his apprentice, even if it would've been positive


As the shuttle jumped out of hyperspace, the qhole army of the Republic was in code red. Fleets were gathering and posters were placed on the walls on the lower sections of Coruscant, advertising drafts for the army. Once the shuttle reached the landing pad, it kept hovering as the people inside evacuated and the autopilot was set to on-position and continued up to upper orbit where a ship was to secure it and then make sure the bombs wouldn't go off.

((Sorry for the time jump, but you need something to do. WJ, you can do the rest as planned))

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