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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
I like the sport of "Mudcrab Boxing".. great way to level up your hand-to-hand skill...(or block)
Comes in real handy once your opponents get high enough level to disarm you ..
They are more useful as target dummies once you get some disease resistance though, since that thing they infect you with otherwise is pretty annoying (unless you use it to level up the Restoration skill with a Cure Disease spell )

I prefer using summoned skeletons as target dummies instead to practice hand to hand fighting and level up armor/block. You get a few free punches in before they fight back, and you can unsummon them any time if you get into trouble. (And it's fun to watch "Summon Civil War" if you summon several creatures at once, when the ones you haven't punched tries to defend you against the hostile summon.)

But personally I think carrying a backup weapon (or picking up the one you lost) is more effective than using hand to hand fighting. Hand to hand damage is pretty poor, you have rather short range so you'll have to be next to them to hit them, and you can't apply poison to your fists, nor can you Enchant them with magic. Hand to hand does damage both fatigue and health, but since many enemies tend to have higher fatigue than health I rarely get to knock any enemies out that way before they die from the damage instead.

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