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Originally Posted by DrMcCoy
The sweat-talk from last night sounded a bit differently...
Bar the obvious chav ones, that's the worst retort you could possibly use... its basically a slightly tweaked version of the following

Chav--> <OY, DICKED! UR MUM!)
Some Random--> <...You suck, man)
Chav--> <Thats not what ur mum were sayin last nite)
Random--> <What?! DUDE! THAT F*CKING SUCKED!) *Belly-Punch*

Heheh... look at 'em go!

And don't you mean sweet talk? You silly man, you. You are very silly man!

Also, Joshi, McCoy was not referring to anything inparticular, he was just pointing out that you are... like... a wolly or something. BUT! You had a guilty consience, meaning you really did something or something. Are you really a ladyboy?
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