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Chapter 8
It was evening by the time Kirabaros could talk to Karas about his reasons for coming back. Atton had put Morgan to bed and had joined them and T3 was powered down in the corner. Kirabaros felt at ease with the former scoundrel at his back. He showed it by not saying anything until Atton came back from putting boy Morgan. As soon as everyone was seated on the sitting mats, Kirabaros spoke softly, “I know that you know of what I said in the Senate and I am aware that it could be construed as treason given my track record but you must understand that the Outer Rim worlds are screaming for blood.”

Atton, ever straightforward finished, “In short, they want Revan’s head on a platter and hero here wants to keep some form of law and order.”

Kirabaros cocked his left brow, the scar from the war becoming more noticeable. Karas maintained a stoic face as only Avalonians could do but inwardly he was relieved that Atton didn’t waste time on the Bantha crap. Kirabaros did the same when it suited his purpose and he came to expect it from him. He replied, “That is true. After all Revan is one of our people, in a manner of speaking, and she is entitled to certain rights.”

“Look,” Atton began, “even if she does come back, there will be those who will try to kill her.”

“He’s right Karas. If we aren’t careful, there will be bloodshed. I don’t know about you, but I have seen enough of it to last a lifetime,” Kirabaros looked at Karas intently.

“What do you suggest my old friend?” Karas asked in the manner in which one asks a friend. “Obviously you feel something else is at stake and I know you like to cover all possible angles.”

Kirabaros was hesitant to answer. He didn’t have it all thought out yet and even more so, he couldn’t keep the vision that he had of himself being tortured out of his mind. He had figured that whoever it was wanted him to give up Revan…and the children. He couldn’t forget surge of anger he felt either. He felt that history was trying to repeat itself. Sure this whole thing had Revan’s name on it but it reeked of being a personal vendetta against him but also the Jedi. Seeing that Karas was waiting for an answer, he swallowed back his fear and gave a vague answer, “I can’t say but I need a place where one could get lost in. Maybe the place where we found the crystals?” He looked at Karas in the eye.

Karas saw that Kirabaros was going to keep people on a need to know basis. Whatever it was, it needed people not to know things. When Kirabaros asked for the place they discovered on a mission a year ago he knew what he was to do. He returned Kirabaros’ gaze and asked, “The ‘sector’?”

“The place where we got lost,” Kirabaros confirmed.

“Right. I’ll take care first thing in the morning. If you want to head out in the morning, there are some stallions available.” Karas had switched the conversation to show that he gave his word.

“Thank you. We’ll be taking the boy with us so we may need some additional equipment,” Kirabaros said as if the decision were final.

Atton said nothing during the entire exchange that happened. He didn’t say anything when Kirabaros assumed that they would be taking Morgan in the morning. The last two years spent in the occasional company with Kirabaros plus the two years into the war taught him that when he spoke like that, it was best to trust his judgment. He often thought his ideas were crazy, but they worked even if something didn’t go as planned. He knows something’s up. He plans to hide something or someone. Mental definitely but a good friend. Atton hid these thoughts with his usual Pazaak game in his head much to the amusement of Kirabaros who was hiding a smirk.

After Karas rose from his mat to go attend to some business or other, Kirabaros asked Atton, “Do you trust me?”

It was an odd question to Atton but it wasn’t without merit. He replied, “You know I trust you. You may be mental at times but you always come through.” He had his brow conformed in a puzzled frown.

“Do you trust me with your ultimate treasure?” Kirabaros asked again but more softly.

“Is that why you asked about a place where someone could get lost in?” Atton replied with a question.

Kirabaros gave a slight nod. “I have a feeling that interested parties may want to use some form of leverage, especially with Force sensitive children.”

“Then I trust you.” Atton watched as Kirabaros turned his head so he could rise. He said softly, “I never blamed you. She had a will of her own and she died for something worth fighting for.”

Kirabaros said nothing but glanced at Atton, stood up and walked out of the room to head in the direction of his quarters. Instead of going to bed, he went to one of the balconies and gazed out at the stars. He couldn’t say anything to Atton; he never had after that battle when she died. Some things were just too hard to put into words.

“Marmar, can we go to Aunt Reva’s tomorrow?”

Michaela looked at her little sprat just as he was getting ready to go to bed. She looked at him as if he were in trouble but she asked suspiciously, “Why? Do you plan on doing something else to HK like reprogram him?”

“No Marmar. I punish HK when he’s too mean. Besides Dada is coming home. He’ll be heading to visit Aunt Reva.”

Michaela regarded her offspring with an amused and loving look. She wondered how he knew his father was coming home and moved to ask, “How do you know that young man?”

“I just know Marmar,” Tulre replied with a devilish smile. It looked just like the ones Kirabaros threw at her when he was up to something, especially his teasing.

“Well if you behave and go to bed, we’ll leave in the morning and you can play with Carth.” She smiled at the boy who beamed back at her.

Tulre ran up to his mother, gave her a hug and kiss and ran off to bed. His mother watched him leave with amusement but also concern. She wondered if her husband knew the extent of his son’s affinity to the Force. She got up from the rocker that she had been sitting in to follow her son to tuck him in. When she got to his room, he was sound asleep dreaming his dreams. In his bed she saw one of the little toys that he and his father had built and tucked firmly in his arm was a stuffed toy.

The toy was one of two that Kirabaros and Carth had won in a bet against each other at a different festival when Tulre was still a baby. It was a funny incident because both won not because of skill but of sheer stubbornness and it involved trying to hit a target or something. It was rather cute and rather ugly, for a wolf. Tulre kept it on his bed in a safe spot. Seeing her son clutch it made Michaela smile at the memory. She made sure he was covered and closed the door to his room. She whistled softly and Kapu came trotting up and laid down in front of the door.

She walked back to the common room and sat back down in the rocker. She rocked gently and picked up the sewing that she had laid aside. She continued to sew late into the night.

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