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"Jsrai, Hawkins. Come with me. Hawkins you're my co-pilot. Get some cargo from the bay and put it into a stole cargo ship." He said to Hawkins as they walked at a brisk pace to the cargo bay.

"Yes, sir." Hawkins replied, setting of to a jog.

"You," Kaoin said to the dark jedi, slowing down his pace. "We have some assassinations to do on Courscant. My master is supplying us with a ysalmari, so go to the ship and meditate." He said in haste, wanting to be alone.





"All right then. Jsrai, you strapped in?" Kaoin said as the dark jedi entered the cockpit.

"I am now, sir." He replied quietly.

They lifted off the ground and out of the docking bay and headed out into space.

"All right. Setting the coordinates for a Courscant hyperdrive drop-out point."

The space turned into blue streakes, and then, vanished, as they went into hyperspace.

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