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One cannot love Psychonauts completely

I mean, seriously, from what I've seen on the first page of the Lakeside Chat forum, you guys love Psychonauts like Young Oly loves bunny meat.

Eww. Nevermind.

There has to be at least ONE thing that you absolutely hate about Psychonauts. Just name ONE (1) thing, get it off you chest, and maybe they'll fix it for the non-existant sequel.

My one thing? Raz's age.

I think it's more than just "lyk omg holly carp t1n year olds dont sai 'See you in hell!'" and the disturbing lack of teen heroes in games(Spiderman 2 gets boring after a while)...


Thought I'd get that off my chest. So, you have any complaints about Psychonauts?
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