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WIP Shadows of the Empire Mod for JA: Models

The Shadows of the Empire mod has been making progress. Here are the models that are currently WIP:

Luke Skywalker in Flight Gear
After taking the screenshot we realized that the helmet he is wearing is actually
Wedge Antilles' helmet. We have since then corrected the skin to reflect the correct helmet

Echo Base Trooper

Black Sun Trooper (a.k.a. Coruscant Guard)

Dash Rendar

New Jetpack - Dash Rendar's jetpack


Virago/Black Sun Star Viper - Note: Model was originally made for SOTE mod, but is already released.

Loader Droid - Used in docking bays and cargo facilities for lifting heavy loads.

More screenshots will be released soon. We are currently looking for more modelers to help out with a lot more models. The following are some examples of needed models:
Prince Xizor
Han Solo in Carbonite
Jabba the Hutt
Various swoop gang members
Various weapons and vehicles
and MANY more...

Contact me today if you are interested in joining the team

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