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Agent Xi walked into the office adjacent to the directors, He had been called to a meeting with the Director along with Agents Kappa, Pi, Ph, Omega, Omicron, Delta and Tau. The Officer belonged to the directors secretary, Mrs Jones, she sat at her desk typing a report on her computer as the agent walked in.

Xi walked over to Mrs Jones’ desk and sat on the corner looking down at, The secretary looked up at Xi and stopped typing.

“What do you want Xi?” She asked obviously annoyed with the interruption.

“I was just wandering why you’re a Mrs when you’re not married.” Xi replied.

“It’s a codename Xi, And how do you know I’m not married?” Mrs Janes replied.

“No ring.” Peter said smiling.

“Isn’t the director waiting for you?”

“He can wait.”

“No, he can’t.” The director announced standing in the doorway between the two rooms.

“Sorry sir.” Xi apologised quickly stood up.

Xi and the director then entered the room and waited for the rest of the agents.
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