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Blackout is right, Ferenc. After the multiple Desanns run away, head for the open doorway to your immediate left. The others are a trick. As you round the corner in the left doorway, there is a place on the floor with fire. Look right up above you; there is a pipe. Break it; water will put out the fire and then you can walk down the ramp. Jump down into the hole in front of you. You have three icons on some walls that you will have to Force Push. Once that's happened, you will hear Kyle say, "I have a bad feeling about this", because then there will be a series of rock walls that are opening and closing-a death trap. To make your way out of it, use Force Speed to get through them. If you are successful, you'll come out on the other side to an open doorway that leads to a huge underground chamber with a Force beam in the middle. This is where Desann is. You can either watch the cutscene or not, but your objective is to take Desann on, either in combat with your saber or you can destroy the support pillars if Desann is near one that you can bring down on him.
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