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Echo Base looks really noobish.
We've actually made more strides since this shot. (Better lighting and stuff.) I'll try to get some better screenshots once we have them available.

Kia Ora Monsoontide!
I think you need to really concentrate on one map at a time though.
We are actually doing that now. We recently decided to change gears and try to get the first two levels done first (Battle of Hoth and Escape from Echo Base.) Hopefully we can get a little demo done by Christmas. However time waits for no one, and we have lots to do. It may get pushed back a little. Of course we are always looking for more modelers and mappers <wink> <nudge>

Seriously though, we do need someone to help out with the Battle of Hoth map. One thing I am working on is a way to make the power harpoon work on the snowspeeders. This of course requires us to make the mod in the MP engine. We've got a few things in the works though, and they so far look to be REALLY promising.

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