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Perhaps, but most of the players had no reason to go to the Zone... just like they had no reason to go for other Quake engine games. You had a built in server browser, and many chat rooms outside the game anyway.

But yeah, if you miss the zone I feel for ya. It served a purpose for some people (even if it kinda sucked).

Incidentally, looks like there's about 287 people playing Jedi Outcast right now (on 284 servers), according to ASE. 200 of them are playing FFA (with no other gametype close, next highest is CTF with 66 people). Interestingly about 105 of them are playing 1.02, the 163 are playing 1.04.

About half are playing with all force, the other half with some force disabled (the filter doesn't distinguish between all force disabled and like one power disabled). Most are playing without mods.

Most are playing with some weapons disabled (filters don't distinguish between any weapon disabled and all weapons but saber disabled).

For comparison, right now Jedi Academy has 791 people on, playing on 546 servers. Mostly with all force, mostly with some weapons disabled. 219 people are playing Siege. So you have almost as many people playing Siege now as playing Jedi Outcast, at least on this Friday night during the school year...

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