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Sorry for double post.

Weekly Update 3

Welcome to the third weekly update! Once again we start off with general news.

Yesterday was the three month anniversary of Thrawn's Revenge, so happy anniversary!

We have new staff:
Schrodinger- Skinner
Dark Trinity- Mapper

I know its not much of a
Today, we show a few of the ways the Rebellion can teach the Empire and the Hand the meaning of war.

And of course what would Star Wars be without the Empire striking back? this is a reskin of Carnor Jax. He may get a new model later.

Heres another coded feature, units building other units (probably only used for the Arc Hammer and DT 1-3, maybe some other things)

Theres Jan Dodonna's icon, we didn't have it when the rest of him was shown.

As usual there will be more for the members.

Thats all until next week. Enjoy.
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