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Strider quietly stood next to Riebe. He did not share his opinions. His choice was Riebe's, and she knew it. Whatever the two of them agreed on, he would follow, even if it threatened once again his membership in the Order.

Finally, Strider interrupted the exchange of argument with a firm voice, "Like all Sith, Tepe likes contest for power. If he did not think it amusing to see us struggle against him, he would have killed us then. He is merely waiting for us to decide to fight back, or obediently cower in our corner as he commanded us to do. One will make it amusing for him, the other will make it easier for him. Either way, he gets what he wants."

Strider crossed his arms, looking at the rest of the group. "As a Sith Hunter, my instincts tell me I cannot stand by and allow this merciless conqest to occur, however, he has held to his promise and no attacks on any Jedi Temples have been reported. There's too many different ways to lose here, and very few to win. We need to act soon," said the Hunter, eying everyone in the room with his once-again penetrating blue gaze.

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