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"The Jedi did not use us, old man," Riebe retorted, her eyes narrowing. "If you are truly as good an historian as you claim, you ought to know we had our own agenda for being rid of the Sith. After all, though they made us what we are, they were typical Sith, lying and deceiving."

She sighed. "And while it's true we worked with the Jedi on occasion, you must keep in mind we operated separately for the most part. Oh, and don't forget you're looking at only two of the ten there once were. Historian, are you? Then, you'd know it was the Sith that killed us off, one by one."

"They had to eliminate their creations," Danni said quietly. Riebe whirled on the much younger girl and Danni flinched slightly.

"What are you saying?" Riebe demanded softly. "That those of us left alive pose a danger to the galaxy at large?"

"You told me once that you killed many Jedi also," Danni said. "You weakened us, which allowed the Sith to gradually overpower us in the end."

Riebe's jaw dropped open. "I..."

But Danni cut her off, speaking louder. "And where were you as the Emperor prepared his plans, laid the groundwork, and rose to power? Did you not fake your death and go into hiding?"

"That was five-hundred years before anything happened with Palpatine," Riebe objected.

"And then, two Jedi found you again," Danni snapped. "But you never once stepped forward to fully support us. You always lurked about the sidelines. And when Palpatine rose to power, you joined him!"

"Do you honestly believe all the records?" Riebe hissed.

"No," Danni retorted, "I believe the Jedi blood you spilled while helping Vader conquer the Temple!"

Several Council members gasped at this remark, especially when they saw Riebe's right hand slowly close into a fist. Now, she was angry.

"Call me a coward, if you like," she growled. "Call me fearful, but if you ever call me a traitor again..."

"You'll what?" Danni cut in. "Strangle me to death? Fall back on your Sith training?"

"I spilled no Jedi blood that day," Riebe went on. "Clones dressed as Jedi, yes, but actual Jedi, no."

"But then, you hid... again!" Danni yelled. "You ran away to hiding, back to your own little planet, your own little paradise and let the rest of the galaxy go to hell."

"Danielle Bayers, you don't know what it was like in those days," Riebe snapped. "You weren't but five years old back then..."

"I know what I see," Danni interrupted. "And what I see is that one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy ran from a fight she could have easily won."

Turning to Strider, she grimaced. "And you're not off the hook, Flamehart. You ran off to hide before Riebe did... and you never resurfaced... not 'till recently."

"You have presented good points, Knight Bayers," one of the Council said. "Have the Sith Hunters any better excuse than that we couldn't possibly know the kind of things they went through?"

Riebe blinked slowly several times and sighed, turning to Flamehart. "Well, Brother, it would seem we are no longer wanted here."

To the Council, she said, "I have nothing further to say. If you want the help we can offer given our significant level of experience, we are here. If not, say the words and we'll be out of your sight."

Mentally to Flamehart, she added, If they choose to send us away, we'll still have our work cut out for us. After all the years and the things we've been through, I don't think we can let this go.

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