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Flamehart's face held no emotion.

"I had my reasons, and I'm sure you all know I don't talk much about my reasons, but for once, I will give them to you," Strider said, stepping forward.

"I was an emotional and mental wreck. I was unstable, and a threat to those around me. As for the rise of Palpatine, and the Clone Wars, I was there for all of it, but I did not fight. I didn't like the thought of partaking in another Civil War where everyone isn't quite sure who the "good guys" really are, which side you're supposed to be on, so I fled, to the Unknown Regions," Strider said.

"You knew very well which side to be on, Strider. You could have fought alongside the Jedi and prevented the great purge of our order," exclaimed one of the Council.

"But who is to say who is right and who is wrong? Even now, as you all know it, I still do things my own way even after rejoining this Order. There isn't always a right way to do something, but there is always some way to do it."

Strider looked around the council room again, his blue eyes meeting every face, including Danni's.

"I stand by Riebe. I do not need to answer for the things I have done the past four thousand years. If you wish our help, we will give it, but if you do not, so be it. Fight your war, and we'll fight ours," the Sith Hunter said.

He heard Riebe's voice in his head, and then Tepe's shortly after, which caused him to clench his fist involuntarily.

If they send us away..we will forever be enemies of the Jedi, they will be sure to flag us as enemies in their teachings, ironically unlike the Jedi way, but it is what they do. However, as I promised, you have me by your side whatever the decision. Tepe is right. They will hunt us, they will hate us...

He paused, his face grave as he came to realize something, then turned to face Riebe.

They will fear us.

He began to explain to Riebe.

That means one thing. Just as Tepe wanted, rather clever, yet horrible. The Jedi would let in every angry emotion that led to their desire to remove the "pestilience of the Sith Hunters," and thus by giving in to those emotions...

He paused again, and finished.

They will become one with the Dark Side of the Force.

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