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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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The director looked at the assembled party of Spies and commandoes, He stood infront of a screen and held a small remote. He turned the sceen on and a picture of the green liquid appeared.

"This chemical was found by agent Xi yesterday, after examening it zip and the rest of the lab boys had problems finding it's purpose. For all intents and purpose its completely benine, it does nothing... untill it is added to water." The Director informed. "The chemical removes the hydrogen from the liquid and becomes the most dangerous substance on the planet. This was found on the memory stick Xi alse retreived"

The diretor pressed the remote and a small movie movie started to play it showed a man tied to chair and blindfolded and a scientist walk up to him holding a pippet full of the chemical mixed with water. Another man also walked up to the captive and pulled his head back and forced his head open. The scientist dropped a small amount of the green liquid into the captives mouth. The scientist and guard then moved out of shot and three seconds later the Captive started screaming in agonising pain, the director kept it playing for a minuet before switching it off.

"That goes on for another hour before the man died in agony, The chemical works by causing every nerve in the body to spark. This means every nerve in the body transmitts the pain sence to the brain, It starts high and keeps getting worse. If you get a small drop on the skin it'll take hours to die, if you drink a large amount it could kill you in 30 seconds." The director then turned the screen to a map of Mexico. "We sent Agent Beta to check out a the Underground army in china, he was found dead but left us information that the chemical has been produced for the last six months in mexico.. unfortunetly we can't be more specific. So all you are going in to find where it is being made... I don't think i have to explain how dangerous this would be if it got into a city's water supply. You all leave on our plain in an hour i suggest you get ready."
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