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Originally Posted by Nintendork
I hate people who say the special/DVD editions ruined the movies, not only do I like a lot of the changes, but I really think the better quality makes up for the changes to those who don't (seriously, watch an older version of A New Hope... bleh). But I would like to see the first versions anyway, like my parents, so I like it.

Have you people heard of those idiots at who are actually whining because even though they're getting the original versions they begged for, they're mad because they didn't get them in some stupid certain format? People like these are such spoiled nerds... seriously...
I hope you know, you just called me an idiot and a spoiled nerd.

Why do you hate me?

Seriously though, without all the whining, you wouldn't be getting these 1993 laser disc dumps.

What would you do, if your favorite movie, was released this year, without Dolby 5.1 (which is equivalent to how the movies were released in theaters in the six channel format), or anamorphic widescreen (which is STANDARD for theatrical movies released on DVD and has been for years), for a limited time only, and you had to buy some other movie at the same time just to get it?

Would you just dutifully buy it without comment? Other, lesser movies have gotten better treatments than Star Wars, on DVD format. Lowry Digital dropped the ball on the 2004 set (which was rushed out to promote a mediocre video game, Star Wars Battlefront), and now they've given us a substandard rip of the old movies, to promote the 2004 revisions (again) and LEGO Star Wars II (a sequel to a game based on a toy promoting Star Wars, which I'll admit isn't bad, but still!).

I like the 2004 set as well, but the restoration is ruined by the fact that the colors are wrong in so many scenes (the lightsabers are just ruined throughout the trilogy, as are the explosions, unless you really like pink and orange!), the sound is goofed up in A New Hope (but the French listeners get the proper music, for some reason). Then Fox has the gall to call these "deliberate creative decisions." How silly is that?

Let's face it, these "whining nerds" have a point. Their criticisms are valid. No need to be hatin'...

And just to clarify something, the "nerds" (including myself) asked for the films as they were shown in theaters, not "as they were shown on home video in 1993." While we're getting a (re-created on a computer) original 1977 crawl for Star Wars (no "A New Hope") which is good, the rest just isn't up to snuff.

Anamorphic widescreen is not some obscure enhancement, it makes the movie closer to the theatrical presentation. Without this, on a widescreen display, you'll have to blow it up with the zoom feature (or else you have veritcal black bars on the sides of the screen). Blowing it up (your only option now, since it isn't anamorphic) loses you detail and creates extra grain/pixels. It's not as if the technology doesn't exist to make an anamorphic version of the Star Wars trilogy. Several fan editors have done it long before this set was even announced.

Dolby 2.0 is fine for simulating the original experience of the theater for most people. However, 5.1 comes closer to re-creating the theatrical experience for many others, because all of the films were released in select theaters with six channel sound. So for those people, they're being gipped. And in fact, if they were really after re-creating the theatrical experience, they'd give us the option of a MONO track for the original Star Wars (with the alternate sound stuff like the original voice of Aunt Beru before it was redubbed out of synch with her lips, some alternate dogfight/stormtrooper lines, etc) in addition to the 2.0 and 5.1 tracks.

We still have yet to find out which sound track they are using. Will it also be the circa 1993 soundtrack or the altered one from the THX "Faces" set? (with altered lines like Luke's comment to R2D2 after the swamp monster spits him out, or Han's line to Lando in the Sarlacc pit before he shoots the tentacle, or the line the Stormtroopers say as they are searching Mos Eisley buildings for the droids, etc)

I don't mind that Lucas tweaks his movies (as I've said a million times), I just think it feels petty for many of us that he'll at first refuse to release these, and then when he does, he seems to do so in such a grudging fashion, that he refuses to adhere to the most basic standards of quality that other DVD producers of far lesser works than Star Wars adhere to, much less to standards that he himself constantly aspires to.

This is better than nothing, but that doesn't mean we can't call a lemon a lemon.

*puts quarter into soap box donation slot*

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