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Let's find out!

Originally Posted by MY DAD
so i got logged on as One and got it to shutdown
the went to the server and did a restart
it all came up right

so your good to go

you guys have fun
let me know if you have any trouble

I love ya
So apparantly, it works. I'm actually in the lunchroom.

Originally Posted by "Psychonauts MUSH
Main Lodge Lunchroom(#45Rn)
There are tables all around, where kids come to eat some food, sit around and lounge, draw, sleep, battle to the death on the roof, and so forth. Chef Cruller is flipping burgers repetitively on a cold grill, almost like a zombie. There are posters all over with comforting messages like 'READ' and 'BE CAREFUL.'
Obvious exits:
Upstairs North South
<Cameras> LiliCAM: Lili has connected.
...So obviously, there's something in the some config file I missed. I'll go find out what it is and change it.
In the meantime, all is well. Psychonauts MUSH is finally go!


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