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Originally Posted by Prime
you do not have control of the path of your swing, only when you swing.

*cough* What?

Free Radical's website, by the way, is quality! A classic example of straight-faced English deadpan;
Originally Posted by
Nottingham is the town that was founded after the success of Kevin Costner's 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' in the early 90s. Its main exports are arrows and tourists.
My only feeling of ill-boding comes from the 'next gen console' thing. I don't want to have to buy a console to play new SW games. Not because they're overpriced and short-lived, but because I can't get used to the damed controllers.
Playing Battlefront on my mate's PS2 is positively embarrasing, I keep trying to get him to buy a better graphics card so's he can buy it for the PC and I can whoop him

I know people actually do play JO/JA with gamepads (and not just on consoles), I just can't envision how it's done...


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