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Taunt Packs

I haven't done one of these in many years, but I am working on an "Arnold Schwarzenegger" tauntpack for MotS.

I realize that everyone who wishes to use the taunts will need to have it (people who don't have it, simply won't hear them).

I'll have to lookup again how to use taunts in MotS, but I think this should be pretty amusing.

When it's finished, I'll put it up for download and encourage everyone who joins the server to use them.

To those who are curious, I'm just grabbing the sounds from the famous "Arnold Soundboards" that have been on the 'net for years (often used to make prank calls to people, using voice clips from various Arnold movies like Terminator, Total Recall, Predator, Last Action Hero, etc.). Most of them are funny, silly, and a few contain some profanity (PG-13).

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