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I'm living on the ship now, so internet for me is limited to 'when ever i get a chance', plus Im going to be mess cranking soon, so this 'freedom' i got right now, is going bye-bye.

So, in the shadow realm, the physics are different. But also the natural 'noise' of the universe, ie the 'static' from the big-bang and the lack of force which in its binding of everything living or not. Whats left to keep everything together if there is not force? if there is no force in which physics in this universe deem has to keep it all 'together'?

each planet and realm of which is tied to each other. each planet is on the normal realm is fused with the force. BD, i hope you can clear this up for me

So what happens is is that using a sort of sleeper teleporting (much what cracken uses), Irvine/f Irvine, travels to the shadow realm to 'filter' everything out, and then when he goes back, he 'hops' onto another planet that way by following the binds of the force when he 'reconnects' to it.

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