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[FIN] Lone Free Mercenary

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Chapter I
New Life

My name is Trando Shan. Some may think that is a strange name for a man whose name was named after the name of his species. Confusing isn’t it? Well, too be honest, having a name like that made me feel more special than any of the other Trandoshans. I’m a doctor, who helps people in need. Although I’m not always mr-nice-guy. I can be very evil. Many nickname me Doctor Death, for that was what many of the Trandoshans called me, after I’d left Trandosha. For me it isn’t a bad name. More of a compliment.

I’ve been exiled from my homeworld of Trandosha, after killing my father for the medical centre. Unfortunately, a local group of Trandoshans had found out and had called the Trandoshan security. I was arrested. I spend several days, under protection from the Trandoshan security, until I had a trial. For the next day.

My trial could’ve been better, I’d have to admit. There was no way, I could’ve won that trial. The local group of Trandoshans had won the trial and were given over thousand Credits for finding a local killer. Me. For my crime, I was exiled and I was never allowed to return. For if I was, the consequences could be death. I certainly didn’t want to die at my young age of thirty-one. As I left the courts with everyone shouting and screaming as I left, I knew that nobody was going to help me leave. Luckily I had a contact from Naboo and he had several ships from Naboo. I payed him all I had and I left. Forever.

Trando Shan, 22 BBY


The ship Trando was in was a small Naboo Starfighter. Unlike most Naboo Starfighters, this one was battered and unlike its usual golden colour on the outside, this had a dull silver colour. Trando didn’t care. All he cared about was the fact he had escaped Trandosha alive. The only thing that worried him now was what he was going to do now. Could he get another job as a doctor? The only problem being the fact with his criminal record, which would haunt him for the rest of his life. Perhaps he could get another job. Everyone should be able to have a second chance. Then again, would Trando’s crime allow him to have a second chance? He would soon find out. Trando’s ship approached the small Planet of Naboo.


It was a very busy midday on Naboo. Many of the citizens were busy with their daily lives and the current Queen of Naboo was overlooking the entire city of Naboo. This particular city was Theed. Theed had been ravaged by war ten years ago. It was known as the Battle of Naboo.

As Trando landed in the main hangar of Theed, he knew he had to find a job. Whether it was as a doctor or anything else, Trando knew he needed the money. He got out of his Naboo Starfighter and was about leave when someone stopped him.

“Have you paid for a landing permit?” A security guard asked.

“What?” Trando asked, confused, because he didn’t think Naboo was that worried about who come and go.

“Because of the war that happened ten years ago, our new Queen has decided to make everyone who comes to Naboo, must have a landing permit, which costs two hundred and fifty Credits.” The security guard told Trando.

“And what if I don’t want to pay anything?” Trando asked.

“Then I’m afraid you’ll have to leave.” The security guard told Trando, “So what will it be? Pay or leave?”

Trando reached into his belt and took out two hundred and fifty Credits. That was half of his Credits gone.

“Thank you very much,” The security told Trando, “Have a nice time.”

Trando snatched the landing permit off the security guard and left the hangar. First stop was the local job centre.


After a long walk through the busy streets, Trando soon arrived at the job centre. Luckily, there was nobody in the waiting list. Trando didn’t have to wait long and he was soon called in, by one of the ladies who worked at the job centre.

“Please sit down.” The lady told Trando.

Trando sat down and the lady was soon asking him many questions. Most of them were to do with his past. Trando knew that telling her about his recent crime would risk his chances of getting a job on Naboo.

“So have you had any previous job?” The lady asked Trando.

“Well I was a doctor on my homeworld of Trandosha.” Trando told her.

“So what happened?” The lady asked Trando.

Here it was. What to tell her. Should he lie? Should he tell her the truth? Or should he just say he had never had a job?

“I was…” Trando started, “Replaced.”

“Replaced?” The lady asked, “Why?”

“He was better than me in every way,” Trando told her, “And that is all I will say.”

“I think there is something you’re not telling me.” The lady told Trando.

“You’re right!” A voice shouted from behind.

Trando turned around. It was one of the Humans who had been at Trando’s trial. Trando didn’t know who he was, but Trando knew that there was something dodgy about him.

“He killed his father on Trandosha, because he was jealous of his position in the medical centre.” The Human told the lady.

“I’m sorry, you’re not what we’re looking for.” The lady told Trando and she left the room.

Trando felt really angry and grabbed the other Human by his collar. Why was he here? Was he trying to make Trando’s life even harder?

“I don’t know who you are, but what are you doing?” Trando asked, with a tone of anger in his voice.

“I know who you are, Doctor Death!” The Human spat, “I’m Vosk Row and I’m a local mercenary. Theed isn’t the greatest place for money now and with you being jobless, I suggest you get a job on Nar Shaddaa.”

“Why?” Trando asked.

“A life of a mercenary is an entertaining job,” Vosk told Trando, “This is where the true money making lies.”

Trando loosened his grip and let go of Vosk.

“Take me to Nar Shaddaa,” Trando told Vosk, “I might be interested.”

“I know you would, Doctor Death,” Vosk told Trando, “You won’t need that landing permit anymore. My ship is hidden in the swamps.”

Trando followed Vosk and knew that this could be a turning point in his life. He felt excited.

Stay tuned for Chapter II A Rocky Start

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