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Chapter II
A Rocky Start

Above Nar Shaddaa, there was a large flagship. This flagship belonged to the former Jedi, Count Dooku. He was now known as Darth Tyranus, which he had adopted as his Sith title in true Sith tradition. His master Darth Sidious was looking out at Nar Shaddaa. He had something in his mind and he needed his Tyranus to do his bidding. Tyranus bowed to Sidious. Sidious turned his chair around to see Tyranus.

“Good evening Lord Tyranus,” Sidious told Tyranus, “It is time to put our plan into motion.”

“And what is that my lord?” Tyranus asked, thinking that he had done everything he needed to do.

“I need you to find several mercenaries,” Sidious told Tyranus, “They could be an asset to us.”

“My new apprentice, K’Nala will see to it personally my lord…”

“No!” Sidious snapped, “This is something I want you to do. Young K’Nala will prove herself sometime, but not now.”

“Yes my lord,” Tyranus said, “Now if you don’t mind, I shall retire to my chambers.”

Tyranus stood and left. Sidious returned his gaze to the window.


Vosk’s ship, known as the Venom was approaching Nar Shaddaa. Trando could see a large flagship, over Nar Shaddaa.

“Hey Vosk, is that normal?” Trando asked.

Vosk stopped the Venom and looked out the window.

“I don’t think so,” He told Trando, “It’s not normal to see a flagship that is half the size of Coruscant orbiting Nar Shaddaa.”

“Should we take a look?” Trando asked.

“Nah,” Vosk told Trando, “No point. It’s probably some flagship the Republic has sent. We should get to Nar Shaddaa.”

Vosk returned to control the Venom, but Trando knew that something was going on. Whatever that was, it wasn’t good.


Nar Shaddaa was one of the overpopulated Planets in the entire Galaxy. It was also a place where Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters and former Jedi come. Many have described Nar Shaddaa as the darker version of Coruscant. As the Venom landed, Trando could see why. Unlike his holiday to Coruscant with his father years ago, Nar Shaddaa didn’t look like the friendliest place in the Galaxy. Many people had watched the Venom land on an empty starpad. Vosk got out and Trando followed.

“Hey!” A voice shouted.

Trando turned around to see a Toydarian flying towards them. As soon as the Toydarian approached them, he started scolding both Trando and Vosk.

“I’ve got another ship docking in an hour or two,” He told Trando and Vosk, “So get off!”

“Oh come on Racil,” Vosk complained, shoving two hundred Credits in the Toydarian’s face, “How about a favour?”

Racil snatched the Credits of Vosk and continued to speak.

“Oh alright, Vosk, but you need to make it up to me,” He told Vosk, “What am I going to tell the Red Eclipse?”

The Red Eclipse? How could they still be around? Trando could remember his father telling him stories about the gang, the Red Eclipse that had existed over four thousand years ago. It was impossible. Unless…

“Are these the same Red Eclipse that had four thousand years ago?” Trando asked.

“Ha!” Racil laughed, “This kid thinks the Red Eclipse existed four thousand years ago?”

“There was never any group called Red Eclipse then.” Vosk told Trando.

“No, this is a newly reformed group that are around Nar Shaddaa. They are mostly led by Trandoshans, Rodians, even Humans have joined them,” Racil told Trando, “Now go, before I decide to kick you off Nar Shaddaa.”

Vosk shrugged and walked past Racil. Trando followed from behind. Many people stopped and stared at both Trando and Vosk. They were mainly looking at Trando, because they had never seen him before. Nobody dared to attack Trando, because Vosk was with him. If Trando were here alone, he would have been dead for sure.


After several minutes of walking through busy streets and alleyways, Vosk had led Trando to a quiet alleyway. Vosk was opening a small apartment door.

“Hey Vosk, what is that smell?” Trando asked, squeezing his nose to block the smell.

“That my friend is the beautiful smell of old rubbish and old booze from the cantinas.” He told Trando.

“Yeah, no wonder anybody comes here.” Trando told Vosk.

“Hey!” Vosk shouted, “To me, this is our group’s perfume. Don’t worry, you’ll soon cry out to smell it.”

“I hope I don’t.” Trando muttered under his breath.

A click sounded in the door and it immediately opened.

“Welcome to home sweet home.” Vosk told Trando.

Vosk walked into the darkness of the old apartment. Trando followed. It was strange that there weren’t any lights inside. Soon Vosk opened another door, which looked like it was rotting and he opened it. As soon as he opened it, the door fell off its hinges.

“Who’s there?” A creepy voice asked.

A light turned on and a Trandoshan and Rodian greeted them. The Trandoshan was holding a blaster rifle and the Rodian was holding a long thin bat.

“Guys it’s just me and a friend.” Vosk told them.

“A friend?” The Rodian asked, “We Rodians don’t like friends.”

Strange, Trando thought, it wasn’t common for a Rodian to be speaking Galactic Basic. Even most Trandoshans never spoke Galactic Basic.

“This is Trando Shan, the one who murdered his father,” Vosk continued, “Trando, the Rodian is Grod Frour and the Trandoshan here is Gunnick Shan.”

“Gunnick?” Trando asked, “Is that really you?”

“Trando,” Gunnick mumbled, “I didn’t expect to see you ever again.”

“Hold on a minute, you guys know each other?” Grod asked.

“Yeah,” Gunnick told him, “This is my younger brother.”

Gunnick hadn’t changed. He was still the beat-up, thirty-five year old Trandoshan, who had a scar over his left eye. He was quite tall, for he was a lot taller than Trando. Trando suddenly felt angry and pushed Gunnick against the wall.

“Why?” Trando asked angrily, “Why did you abandon father and I?”

“I never abandoned my family,” Gunnick told Trando, “I was taken by mercenaries.”

“Who?” Trando asked, “These?”

“No,” Gunnick told Trando, “The mercenaries that captured me were much more aggressive than my friends here. They would kill anything on the spot.”

Trando let go of Gunnick.

“I was four when you abandoned us.” Trando muttered.

Gunnick suddenly got out a blaster pistol. He raised it at Trando. Neither Vosk or Grod tried to stop him.

“You weren’t much better than me,” Gunnick said angrily, “You killed our father and you were exiled. I might be a traitor to our family, but that is nothing. Nothing! Nothing compared to what you did.”

“Kill me then!” Trando shouted.

“Listen guys, we have no time for arguing!” Vosk shouted, “Now we should get settled for the night, because we have some business tomorrow.”

Gunnick, Vosk and Grod walked away.

“What business?” Trando asked.

“Sorry little bro,” Gunnick said, “We don’t allow newbies of the Lone Free Mercenaries to join a big plan like this.”

“Oh come on,” Trando complained, “You need me and you all know it.”

All three stopped and thought for a moment. Perhaps they could use an extra hand on their team.

“Okay my brother,” Gunnick said finally, “You can come. But don’t expect any of us to clean up after you.”

They all left Trando alone. He guessed he would have to sleep on the rotten bench. Tomorrow would be a big day.

Stay tuned for Chapter III Good old Mercenary business

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