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Here is the first half of chapter one. I wanted to finish this before I went back to school, but the stress started to dig in early. Please forgive, I did not edit this. I will work on this story further if people would like to read more.


Opening Scroll
Since nearly the beginning of their existence, the Jedi have battled some of the greatest enemies in the galaxy. Each Jedi follows a unique path, which leads them to their fate. For thousands of years, they have followed a strict moral code. Now the Jedi Code hangs on the balance. Everything the Jedi know will be challenged, and they will face the ultimate evil… Themselves…
‘There is no emotion, there is only peace.”

I. Aftershocks

For the past several millennia, sector zero-five-one-eight was an uncharted region of space. Intentionally isolated from outside life, the inhabitants of the third planet lived peacefully. Ten years ago, the life in this sector was disturbed, and the Rakata were discovered by two Jedi Knights. Everything has changed…


Twelve hours ago, the crude superstructure known as the Star Forge exploded, and scattered its remains across the entire system. Anything in its shockwaves was ripped to shreds, or it was immediately obliterated. Stretching out for what seemed like light years, pieces of Sith and Republic vessels had been thrown helplessly. Whatever sense of aesthetics this system once had, the newly formed graveyard of vessels and victims has shrouded everything.

Heading away from the wreckage, remnants of a Star Forge escape capsule aimlessly drifts. For the past several hours, the occupant has lived in fear. Along the capsule’s upper interior, the carnage outside could be viewed from a small window. With each passing moment, the capsule was distancing itself from the chaos, and entering the vacuum of empty space. Below the capsule’s window, the life support and sensor display flicked with readouts. Where ever the capsule was going, the capsule’s sensors did not reveal a destination.

“Why? Why has no one found me?” the young Sith occupant contemplated. As the reality of her situation settled in, Bastila Shan’s cognitions became overwhelmed with fear. “Why did Revan betray me? Why did Revan leave me behind?” her thoughts continued.

Suddenly, the capsule’s computer warned, “Oxygen reserves are at ninety percent,” and the life support readouts flickered to red. Frantically, Bastila keyed at the console in hope for a solution. After going through several options, Bastila couldn’t find a way to conserve the remaining oxygen in reserve. For the first time in her life, Bastila felt tremendous fear from her lack of control.

“I am going to die out here. I am going to die alone,” Bastila thought. “I am going to die alone. I am going to die alone,” her thoughts screamed repeatedly. Eventually, Bastila had become numb, and her thoughts fell silent. In order for her to survive, Bastila knew she had to pull herself together. Stretching out to the Force, Bastila rendered herself into a deep meditation. While in her unconscious state, she relived the events that had placed her into the capsule.


Explosions erupted from the impact of laser fire, and the Star Forge was showing evidence from the savage war. On the command deck, Bastila and several Sith officers worked to fight off the attackers. Bastila stood over a weapons console, and tried to find a weakness in the Republic’s attack pattern. As if every key was her last, Bastila’s fingers move swiftly across her console. “Commander Tremor. I need more power to aft level-four turrets,” Bastila ordered while continuing to find an advantage.

As the commander moved attentively, fire erupted from a nearby conduit, and the deck shook from another impact. “I have rerouted some power from nonessential systems to enforce level-two’s shields,” Tremor replied over the commotion, “I am reading excessive power loss from the lower decks. I am unable to give you what you need.”

“Can we do something to compensate,” Bastila asked while rigorously firing on the Republic attackers.

“I can’t see how,” Tremor replied. “If we don’t do something soon, the entire starboard pylon will collapse. You know what that means.”

Bastila glared at Tremor for a moment in disbelief. The most powerful weapon she has ever know was about to be lost. With no time to waste, Bastila clicked on the intercom and ordered, “Evacuate the Star Forge immediately.” Shifting her attention, Bastila commanded, “Commander Tremor. Get yourself and your squad to the escape shuttles.”

Very well, Squad Twenty-Seven will meet you on Korriban,” Tremor stated while placing on his helmet.

Bastila nodded in acknowledgement, summonsed her lightsaber off the console’s edge, where it had been resting, and took off towards refuge. As she made her way off the deck, the Republic assault vessels fired ferociously at the Star Forge. Debris started to fall from the ceiling, and various conduits erupted with fire. Electrical circuits sparked to life, and they created additional fires throughout the level.

As Bastila raced down the connecting hallway, she could hear loud explosions in the distance. Ceiling lights flickered from the impending loss of power. Once she reached the command deck’s turbolift, the Star Forge shook with an immense jolt that knocked her slightly off balance. Bastila regained her equilibrium, hit the door controls, and muttered, “Come on hold together.”


Once she stepped off the turbolift, to docking level three, Bastila was knocked onto her back by a nearby explosion. Immense fire engulfed the corridor walls, and steel started to melt from the intense heat. Since her only escape was on this level, Bastila knew she had no choice but to proceed. Fighting the pain in her back, Bastila rose to her feet and ran. Metal plates, pillars, and unknowns fell to the deck. As she reached the first corridor, the odd sensation of another’s mind touched upon her thoughts.

“Bastila,” a voice called out. “Jedi Padawan Shan. Please help. Please, I know there is still good in you.”

Stretching out to the Force, Bastila studied the intruder’s mind, but could not make a positive identification. “There is something familiar,” Bastila thought. “Why should I hesitate for a weakened Jedi,” Bastila questioned as she stopped to study her surroundings. “I have no use for someone who is about to die.” Within moments of the question, Bastila felt the other’s mind reentering her own thoughts.

“Friend,” the Jedi replied, “I know you are confus-” Overshadowing the conversation, the Star Forge franticly shook from an unusual impact, and then everything fell eerily silent.

Heat from behind Bastila intensified, the sound of crashing metal echoed, and she knew time was falling short. Stretching out to the Force, Bastila scanned for the unknown Jedi’s location, and then she entered into a dash. “This could be the opportunity I needed. Maybe I could train this one,” Bastila thought, “Revan will suffer for leaving me behind.”

Upon arriving at the Jedi’s location, Bastila was confronted with a massive pile of debris. Metal, steel, and wiring created an impassable obstacle, which sat in the middle of a narrow cross bridge. On the other end of the long bridge, the escape capsule alcoves laid in waiting. “Who ever the Jedi was, they must have met their fate quickly,” Bastila thought. As she approached the debris, the odd sensation of another’s mind touched upon her thoughts once again. “Where are you,” Bastila called out while scanning the area.

“I am trapped,” the Jedi replied with a muffled voice, “I am getting very-”

Stretching out to the Force, Bastila was able to sense the helpless Jedi. Lying deep underneath the massive pile of debris, the Jedi was slowly going unconscious. Bastila studied the complexity of the pile, and thought, “If I was to use the Force, unseen objects could fall inward and kill the trapped victim. I can convert a Jedi, but I cannot convert a dead one.” After a momentary study of the pile, Bastila moved quickly and cautiously to remove the pieces.

Stingingly, Bastila’s senses alerted her to an immediate danger, but she didn’t see where it was coming from. Lifting her gaze upwards, she spotted an incoming hail of metal. With a snap of her reflexes, Bastila dove to avoid being hit. As the metal hail hit the ground, the cross bridge vibrated excessively. Bastila lifted half her battered body, and noticed the impact did her a favor. Majority of the debris that trapped the Jedi was cleared. Quickly, Bastila rose to her feet, and continued to remove pieces of debris. Out from the corner of her eye, Bastila spotted other pieces being levitated off the pile. “Who ever is trapped down there had become conscious again,” Bastila thought as she continued to help the victim.

As both Force users worked together, they moved in unison to remove debris. Bastila’s mind was suddenly invaded by the other’s thoughts, and she acted like a conduit to give the trapped Jedi strength. While Bastila lifted pieces by hand, the trapped Jedi used the Force to remove others. Together they were making progress, and the Force moved smoothly between them.

Being connected to the Jedi reminded Bastila about the bond she shared with Revan. “If I ever get out of here,” she thought angrily, “Revan will pay for this betrayal.”

From somewhere above, the sound of a loud explosion echoed, and then fragments of metal, steel, wires, and unknowns started to freefall. Emergency lighting replaced a moment of darkness, and it illuminated everything in a hue of red.

To Be Continued…

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