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you mean F irvine?

F irvine had already been put through some of it, remember back when F Irvine was on an Asgard ship with Odin on it, and odin got really really really annoyed with F Irvine, he dumped him on one of coruscant's moons?

well after that, Flax came in disguised and one-hit-killed F Irvine, then later came back. Instead of being 'killed' outright, he was thrown into another realm. the spectural one.

it wasnt until later when his body was destoryed by Cracken, that he found out how to 'jump' through realms

as for Kioet. Irvine 'left' him there, mainly cus (if you want aren to ask and this is what Irvine will say: ) if Kioet can get on a ship that can travel so fast, then why not have him provide himself with that transportation. Irvine's not a bus service ya know :P

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