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I didn't think it was that short. I forget what I put in hour wise, but it was somewhere in the mid-twenties I thought. That's pretty good I think. I was always dreading the end. Hoping that there was one more level, so I could play even longer. As for replay, yea not too much. I went back and got the figments and stuff, and that as about it. I tried to get as much as a could to begin with, so there wasn't too much to go back for.

I haven't replayed the whole game yet, just snippets. I want to replay it again in all it's glory, sometime. I just don't want to overexpose myself to it, I want it to stay special. I usually don't replay games that much anyway. Once that whole urge to beat everything and see everything is gone, I don't go back too much. Unless it's really good.

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