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Is religion evil? What an absurdly stupid concept.

Most ideas and beliefs are inherently neutral. The concepts of good and evil only apply when people use these ideas to further their own agendas and goals.

Religion does two things. It offers people guild lines on living and relating to people around them. It also offers a hope that when death comes there is something better awaiting them. It offers a hope that all of the trials and tribulations that we have endured in this life amount to something and are not erased the second life ends.

Judging an entire group based on the loudest is very easy to do and will usually get you the wrong impressions. Ignore the fundamentalists who whine about creationism vs. evolution. If you want to see what a real Christian looks like look at the people who work the missionary homes in the third world countries doing the work that the nations of the world canít be bothered to do. Its that whole help the poor and sick thing.
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